October 1 2016

Brand New Class – Using Colour in Jewellery Design

Using Colour in Jewellery Design online class

My brand new class Using Colour in Jewellery design is now publish on Skillshare. The class will show you how to use colour effectively in jewellery design and covers topics such as colour theory, colours and emotions and colour schemes. The class then guides you through creating a beautiful and unique stitched bracelet where you will be able to apply the knowledge you have gained.

The class consists of short videos that each introduce a new subject. The videos can be accessed at any time and worked through at your own pace.

Skillshare are currently offering 3 months of premium membership for $0.99 (approximately 80p). The premium membership means you can access any of the premium content on the website, which includes hundreds of classes covering a wide range of topics. Each class has a community board so you can chat you other students taking the same class as well as the class authors.

You can sign up for Using Colour in Jewellery Design here. I look forward to chatting with you all and seeing your finished projects.


September 20 2016

Using Colour in Jewellery Design – New Class on Skillshare


I have been working on a new video tutorial this month. The tutorial is called Using Colour in Jewellery Design and features information on using colours to create colour schemes, how colours affect the emotions, colour associations and finding sources of inspiration for designs.

As part of the class I will also show how to create a unique stitched bracelet based on the information in the video.

I have uploaded an introduction video to YouTube and will be putting together the remaining content this week. The full class will be available via Skillshare in early October.

September 8 2016

Online Jewellery Making Course Update

My online jewellery making course is now live and ready to go! The course is available via the online learning provider Of Course and covers a wide range of related subjects including bead types, where to find inspiration, colour schemes and to get started with your own jewellery making business. The course also includes several step by step tutorials showing you how to create finished pieces of jewellery.

Description from the course page:

Do you have a passion for creating jewellery that you want to make into your career? Have you always wanted to know how to design your own jewellery products? This jewellery making business course will teach you the key skills for creating and designing fabulous jewellery, and will then explain what is required to price and sell jewellery online and offline.

Claire Pearcy, your course instructor, is the founder, designer and owner of Elderberry Arts.  She specialises in creating handmade unique and uncommon jewellery made using a variety of materials including wood, silver, hemp, glass, crystal, gemstones and lamp work.

She is an experienced Jewellery tutor, and will guide you through all of the steps required to set up a thriving jewellery making business. She has included detailed tutorials concerning bead type, bead shape, bead sizes, using semi-precious stones, advice on design and creative inspiration, and detailed practical advice on setting up a jewellery making business.

If you want to make your creative skills into a career sign up to this course today!



  • Over 2 hrs of video content to help you create jewellery, with supporting PDF Tutorials for making specific jewellery
  • Learn how to create a profitable jewellery making business
  • Detailed presentations explaining how to utilise beads of all materials
  • Pricing strategies, and legal information concerning the running of a jewellery making business


Who is this course for?

  • Jewellery makers of all ability who want to learn how to turn their passion into a business
  • Beginners wishing to learn how to create jewellery
  • All ability jewellery makers who want to expand their jewellery making skills

Earn Your Certificate of Completion!


No previous knowledge of jewellery making is needed and you can work through the course at your own pace. Each video and document is available to view whenever and as many times as you need (files can also be downloaded to keep). This complete online jewellery making course can be found here.

January 16 2015

Three Ways to Fasten Macrame Jewellery

How To Fasten Macrame Jewellery

This eBook provides step by step instructions and photographs showing you how to create three different fastenings for macramé jewellery. These can be coordinated with the beads in the design to create a more coordinated, consistent and flowing piece. The fastenings can be customised to suit your ow needs and can also be used to create a focal point in the jewellery piece.

These methods of fastening jewellery also use no metal components and so are ideal for creating jewellery suitable for people who have allergies.

Now available on Kindle and through Jewelrylessons.com.

November 5 2014

How to Create a Gemstone Angel Keyring

Angel keyring

This step by step tutorial will show you how to create a pretty angel keyring using gemstones and silver findings. I have chosen to use snow quartz beads as I made the angel keyring as a winter holiday gift. Any gemstone or other bead in the right size will work fine for creating the angel keyring so feel free to use your favourite stone. The keyring could be customised by using a favourite stone or combination of stones, birthstones or stones that are relevant due to their healing properties.

These angels can also be made using gold plated findings or indeed any of your choice. Black coated findings would be nice with some gemstones such as clear or rose quartz, amethyst or tigers eye. Hair or a hat can be added to the angels using decorative bead caps. Oval shaped beads could also be used to create an angel with a longer body shape. However in this case, depending on the length of bead chosen; a longer headpin may be required.



Wire cutters
Round nosed Pliers


Split ring with chain keyring
2.4cm angel wing
4.5cm head pin
6mm snow quartz bead
8mm snow quartz bead


1. Create the angel by placing the beads onto the headpin in the following order: 8mm snow quartz bead, angel wings and then finally the 6mm snow quartz bead.

angel keyring


2. Bend the end of the headpin over above the 6mm bead and trim so that there is approximately 1cm remaining.

angel keyring


3. Using the round nosed pliers, create a loop in the end of the headpin.

angel keyring

4. Open the ring on the end of the keyring finding chain. Attach this ring to the loop created in step 3. Close the ring.


November 3 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014 is Here! Time to Get Writing.


It’s November which means it is NaNoWriMo time again. I completed the challenge in 2012 but was unable to take part last year due to time constraints. In 2012 I wrote a draft of a novel that I haven’t gotten back to since and am still not sure what I want to do with. If anything at all. This time round I am going to join the Rebels and write my 50,000 words but not as a novel. Instead I am going to write a mixture of recipes, Hubs, tutorials, blog posts and articles on a range of subjects. I am a little behind as my laptop broke so I only got started yesterday but hopefully I will be able to catch up ok.

A few weeks ago I made a list of ideas that I could use a start point for NaNoWriMo which should be a big help. I have found that joining is great motivation too, especially once past the half way point. In 2013 I took part in Camp NaNoWriMo twice and wrote 10,000 words for the first and 15,000 the second time round. For both I wrote a combination of material and projects.


September 27 2014

Byzantine Pendant Chain Maille Tutorial

This week I have been working on new tutorials for Jewelry Lessons. One I have created is this unusual pendant using byzantine weave.

Byzantine pendant tutorial

The tutorial fully explains how to create byzantine weave so no previous experience is needed. As well as being unusual and attractive in it’s own right, this pendant has a lot of options for customisation. The pendant can be made using the gemstone/s and pendant of your choice. The silver rings could also easily be swapped for another metal or colour if desired.

This tutorial is laid out in an easy to use format and can be downloaded as a PDF file. Each instructional step is accompanied with a  close up colour photograph in order to make the steps as easy as possible to follow. The tutorial also includes a full list of required materials and tools. The full ready to use tutorial can be downloaded here.

Byzantine Weave

Byzantine weave is a popular form of chain maille used in jewellery making. It is  a member of the European weave family and can be made with various ring sizes. This beautiful and intricate weave creates a solid rope like chain and is an ideal choice for bracelets and necklaces.

This weave is also known as Birdcage, Fool’s Dilemma, Bird’s Nest and Idiot’s Box.