April 18 2016

Jewellery Making Tutorials Update *April 2016*

Jewellery making tutorials


I have been selling my jewellery making tutorials through the Jewelry Lessons website since 2010 and have met many lovely people there. Sadly the site will be closing in June 2016 and no further sales will be possible. After careful consideration I have decided to reopen my Etsy shop and will be adding all of my downloadable tutorials for sale there. So far I have added fourteen jewellery making tutorials. Most are macramé tutorials but there are also some others. The process is taking a bit of time as I have to edit the original files to remove some aspects related to Jewelry Lessons and in some cases change the layout to make best use of the remaining space. I am hoping to have them all moved over by June.

Each of my jewellery making tutorials features step by step instructions and high quality colour photographs that show you how to create a unique piece of jewellery. A few of the tutorials require you to have some prior knowledge but most are suitable for beginners as they explain everything you need to know. Over time I plan to edit my older macramé tutorials to include knotting instructions in the same way the newer ones have. My macramé jewellery making tutorials also include information on how to create a simple macramé board and explanations of some commonly used terms.


The new Elderberry Arts shop on Etsy is called ElderberryTutorials and all the tutorials will be available there. Facebook pages also have a great feature that allowed me to link the Etsy shop with the Elderberry Arts fan page. This means that if you head over to the page and click on the ‘My Etsy Shop’ tab ait will display all the listed jewellery making tutorials. Clicking on any item then sends you to the Etsy site to read the full details and purchase if you wish. I will also add the Etsy shop widget on the site here, which works in much the same way.

September 27 2014

Byzantine Pendant Chain Maille Tutorial

This week I have been working on new tutorials for Jewelry Lessons. One I have created is this unusual pendant using byzantine weave.

Byzantine pendant tutorial

The tutorial fully explains how to create byzantine weave so no previous experience is needed. As well as being unusual and attractive in it’s own right, this pendant has a lot of options for customisation. The pendant can be made using the gemstone/s and pendant of your choice. The silver rings could also easily be swapped for another metal or colour if desired.

This tutorial is laid out in an easy to use format and can be downloaded as a PDF file. Each instructional step is accompanied with a  close up colour photograph in order to make the steps as easy as possible to follow. The tutorial also includes a full list of required materials and tools. The full ready to use tutorial can be downloaded here.

Byzantine Weave

Byzantine weave is a popular form of chain maille used in jewellery making. It is  a member of the European weave family and can be made with various ring sizes. This beautiful and intricate weave creates a solid rope like chain and is an ideal choice for bracelets and necklaces.

This weave is also known as Birdcage, Fool’s Dilemma, Bird’s Nest and Idiot’s Box.