February 6 2017

Online Jewellery Making Course

online jewellery making course

From July 2015 my online jewellery making course, Jewellery Making Business: Start Your Own! will be avaliable on the Of Course website. Of Course is an on demand global learning site that features courses on a wide range of subjects. Courses can be accessed at any time of the day on any type of device making this a great way to learn new skills.


Online jewellery making course – Jewellery Making Business: Start Your Own!

This jewelley making course will teach you the key skills needed to design and create your own beautiful and unique jewellery. The course also features a section on selling handmade jewelley and things to consider when setting up a jewellery making business. The course has no deadlines so you can work through each section at your own pace. All course materials can be accessed at any time and as often as you wish.


Course Highlights

  • Over 2 hrs of video content to help you create jewellery, with supporting PDF Tutorials for making specific jewellery
  • Learn how to create a profitable jewellery making business
  • Detailed presentations explaining how to utilise beads of all materials
  • Pricing strategies, and legal information concerning the running of a jewellery making business
  • Certificate of course completion


More Information

Do you have a passion for creating jewellery that you want to make into your career? Have you always wanted to know how to design your own jewellery products? This jewellery making business course will teach you the key skills for creating and designing fabulous jewellery, and will then explain what is required to price and sell jewellery online and offline.

Detailed video tutorials cover subjects including:

  • Buying and storing beads
  • Bead types
  • Using colour in jewellery design
  • How to use various types of beads
  • Birthstones
  • Jewellery making tools
  • Wirework techniques
  • Copyright
  • Selling on and offline

Also included are a selection of PDF file handouts to supplement the videos and five full jewellery making tutorials. Each tutorial will show you how to complete a finished piece of jewellery by following clear and conscise step by step instructions.

No prior experience of jewellery making is required in order to complete the course and it is most suited to beginners and anyone wishing to refresh their knowledge. For the full course information and to sign up visit the course page here.

online jewellery making course