September 10 2014

HubPages (Free Articles)

The majority of my writing can be found on HubPages, where I have been a member for five years. In this time I have built up a portfolio of over 220 hubs and as of January 2017 also have 273 followers.

My hubs are written on a wide range of subjects including autism, special educational needs and related subjects, crystal healing, veganism and vegetarianism, paganism, jewellery making, psychology and spiritualism. I have also written information on foraging, gardening, Feng Shui. Many of my own recipes can also be found on my HubPages profile. The vast majority of these recipes are vegan and gluten free and many are also free from other common allergens. In the last year my hubs have been read over 10,000 times.

Some examples of my articles on HubPages include:

Chakra stone set
Photo source: Claire Pearcy All Rights Reserved

I enjoy writing sharing my experience and knowledge on a range of topics through HubPages and I have also written some non-fiction pieces for magazines.

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