January 16 2015

Three Ways to Fasten Macrame Jewellery

How To Fasten Macrame Jewellery

This eBook provides step by step instructions and photographs showing you how to create three different fastenings for macramé jewellery. These can be coordinated with the beads in the design to create a more coordinated, consistent and flowing piece. The fastenings can be customised to suit your ow needs and can also be used to create a focal point in the jewellery piece.

These methods of fastening jewellery also use no metal components and so are ideal for creating jewellery suitable for people who have allergies.

Now available on Kindle and through Jewelrylessons.com.

November 3 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014 is Here! Time to Get Writing.


It’s November which means it is NaNoWriMo time again. I completed the challenge in 2012 but was unable to take part last year due to time constraints. In 2012 I wrote a draft of a novel that I haven’t gotten back to since and am still not sure what I want to do with. If anything at all. This time round I am going to join the Rebels and write my 50,000 words but not as a novel. Instead I am going to write a mixture of recipes, Hubs, tutorials, blog posts and articles on a range of subjects. I am a little behind as my laptop broke so I only got started yesterday but hopefully I will be able to catch up ok.

A few weeks ago I made a list of ideas that I could use a start point for NaNoWriMo which should be a big help. I have found that joining is great motivation too, especially once past the half way point. In 2013 I took part in Camp NaNoWriMo twice and wrote 10,000 words for the first and 15,000 the second time round. For both I wrote a combination of material and projects.


September 23 2014

Macrame Basics eBook Now Avaliable for Kindle

Macrame Basics eBook

My brand new book, Macrame Basics is now available to buy. From the 18th September 2014 this eBook can be purchased worldwide through the Kindle store. This 98 page book is packed with information on macrame, cords and embellishments that can be used and also includes a glossary of commonly used terms and abbreviations.

Using Macrame Basics you can learn which cords can be used  and which are suited best to different types of projects. The A-Z glossary is helpful for those new or returning to the craft and are unfamiliar with many of the specific terms used as part of  projects and patterns. Terms such as sennet, picot, alternating and crook are explain in an easy to understand way. Various knot types an their variations are illustrated with step by step photographs so the book is ideal for beginners.

Macrame Basics eBook
Macrame basics also includes full instructions with colour photographs showing you how to create a simple and inexpensive macrame board. While not essential, a macrame board can be useful for working on projects. This is especially true if the project contains lots of cords. The board can also be used as a safe and convenient way to store and transport projects.

At the end of the book there are four step by step tutorials for creating bracelets using various techniques. Each tutorial features step by step instructions accompanied by colour photographs. Each photograph shows a close up view to make the steps easier to follow and complete. Each of the four tutorials use only techniques explained within Macrame Basics – no previous experience is needed at all.

Macrame Basics can be downloaded here

September 15 2014

New Macrame Tutorials Released for Kindle

From the 14th September 2014 my brand new 54 page eBook is available via the Kindle store. The eBook contains four macrame tutorials.

Each of the four macrame tutorials featured within this book have step by step instructions and high quality colour photographs. A full list of all the required materials and tools is listed at the start of each tutorial. None of the bracelets contain any metal parts so are particularly suitable for anyone who has allergies or sensitivities to these.

The four bracelets featured within this eBook are:

  • Double Beaded Macramé
  • Endless Falls Macramé
  • Zig Zag Macramé
  • Cross Over Macramé

To complete these macrame tutorials the only previous knowledge of macrame you will need is how to tie a square knot. The endless falls technique is explained within the tutorial. If you are unfamiliar with tying a square knot I have also published a tutorial illustrating how ths is done. Currently the square knot tutorial is only available through the Jewelry Lessons website and can be downloaded here. The marcame tutorial shows you how to tie a basic square knot and then illustrates a further four ways that this knot can be used to create various effects and patterns in macrame projects.

Macrame Tutorials

This unique set of macrame tutorials can be downloaded from the Kindle store and is available worldwide. It is suitable for any compatible device including iPhones, Android phones, tablets and PCs that have the Kindle application installed. To purchase and download the tutorial either click on the photograph or visit the Kindle store page which can be found here.

Macramé is the name of a technique used to create many items such as jewellery, bags, plant hangers, mats and decorations. Macramé uses knots rather than weaving. It was commonly used by sailors to create items to decorate their ships as well as for practical use. A great variety of cords and other materials can be used in macramé. These combined with the vast range of knots and knot combinations possible mean that macramé is a very versatile craft for all ages and abilities.