March 21 2017

Chakra Healing with Crystals Infographic

While browsing Pinterst this morning I came across this great infographic on chakra healing with crystals. It provides clear information on each of the seven major chakras and examples of five crystals that can be used to heal inbalances in each. The crystals chosen for chakra healing include:
  • Clear quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Blue lace agate
  • Sodalite
  • Amazonite
  • Citrine
  • Rutilated quartz
  • Carnelian
  • Amber
  • Hematite
  • Black jasper

Chakra healing with crystals is a gentle and univastive method to rebalance the energy field and address any blockages. It is safe for use by anyone regardless of age, gender, disabilities and whether they are already having other treatments or taking prescribed medications.


Chakra Healing with Crystals

From Visually.

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August 19 2016

New Hub – Seven Healing Crystals to Ease Anxiety

I knew it had been a while since I wrote my last hub as I have been working on the online jewellery making course and some other freelance bits and pieces but didn’t realise it had been as much as four months! That time has really flown by and I am glad I will have more time now to share more hubs with you all.

This morning I have added another hub to my series on crystal healing – Seven Healing Crystals to Ease Anxiety. As out modern lives become increasingly busy and filled with demands and worries, anxiety is becoming more and more common among people of all ages. If you are wishing to avoid or limit the use of conventional medicine crystals can be an excellent choice to help ease the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Crystal healing is safe for use by all agesand does not interact with other medications or therpaies. The hub contains information on some benefical crystals as well as general information on how to use and care for them. You can read the full article on HubPages here.

August 13 2016

Flickr Photograph Gallery

As I use a lot of other artists photographs from Flickr and Wikimedia Commons, I have decided to make the majority of my photograph gallery at Flickr available for others to use as well. The main exceptions to this will be photos of jewellery, food and a few others that are work or project related and so I need to retain the copyright too. I may remove those entirely, however I do find them useful – for example when adding recipes to Pinterest so I am undecided.

The photos are available to use under Creative Commons licencing and can be used commercially as well as privately. The only requirement is that credit is given to me as the original artist and this applies whether they are used online or offline, commercially or otherwise. The text need only be small and can be with the photograph or in in a ‘credits’ section of a document for example. It is only fair to credit the artist, especially when using their work with no charge. More information on Creative Commons licenses can be found here including how to share your own art using them.

The Elderberry Arts Flickr page can be found at The last batch of photos I uploaded was a selection of some of my crystals, some plants and flowers and some shots of my veggie garden. Hope you like them and if you like you can follow too 🙂

Creative Commons Photo Gallery

April 17 2015

The Sacral Chakra

Sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is the second of the major chakras and is the centre of creativity, desire and sexuality. It can have an effect on our relationships with others, energy levels, independence, confidence and natural bodily cycles. Some traditions believe that this is where we store healthy energy so that it can be used later.

Imbalances in the sacral chakra can lead to problems with the intestines, kidneys, spleen and gallbladder. Gynecological problems, lower back pain and sexual dysfunctions can also be the result of an unhealthy sacral chakra. Healing this chakra an help to regulate menstrual cycles and lessen cramps and premenstrual tension.

Balancing the sacral chakra will help to balance and energise every area of life. It will make moving forward easier and help you take opportunities that come your way.

Crystals to benefit the sacral chakra

Orange calcite
Red jasper
Fire opal

April 2 2015

How to Ease a Headache using Crystals.

Crystal healing is a safe and natural therapy that has been used all over the world for thousands of years. For centuries they have been prized for their beauty and healing properties and these abilities are jut as relevant now as ever. Crystals can be used safely to heal or benefit a vast range of medical problems from common colds and aches and pains to more long term and further reaching issues such as anxiety and depression. This form of natural healing can be used by everyone and is completely safe even for babies and young children.

 Using Amethyst as a Headache Cure

Amethyst can be used as a headache cure.
Source: MAURO CATEB, [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr
Amethyst is a commonly found crystal and ranges in colour from deep purple to lavender. It can be purchased in several forms including tumble stones, raw crystals and geodes. All of these can be used in healing and no one type is more successful than the other. It is important that you feel happy and comfortable with any crystals that is chosen for healing. Choose the stone that you feel most connection or attraction too and crystals used in healing do not need to be large to work well either.

Once you have chosen your amethyst it should be cleansed to remove any stale or negative energies that it has picked up during its lifetime. There are many ways of doing this and you should chose whichever you feel most comfortable with.

Simple methods of cleansing crystals include:

1. Leaving a crystal in the moonlight overnight.

2. Washing the crystal under running water. A stream or the sea are ideal but a running tap is ok as well.

3. Hold the crystal in your hand and blow on it once. Now ask the universe (or god/higher power/elements etc. if you prefer) to cleanse the crystal for you using a phrase such as ‘universe, please clear this crystal’.

Once the stone has been cleansed it can be used in healing. Using a crystal that has not been cleansed may mean that it is unable to help you as much as it ideally could due to the build-up of negative energies it may contain. There is also a chance that some of this energy could transfer to yourself and make you feel even worse.

Healing Method

Sit in a quiet and darkened room with your amethyst crystal. Hold the crystal in your hand and focus on thinking about its healing powers and how it will help you as a headache cure. After a few minutes place the crystal on the painful part of your head and hold it there for 5-10 minutes or until you feel the pain dissolving away. You can also gently rub the crystal against your skin in a circular motion if that feels right for you. After use the amethyst stone should be cleansed again.