New Hub – Seven Healing Crystals to Ease Anxiety

I knew it had been a while since I wrote my last hub as I have been working on the online jewellery making course and some other freelance bits and pieces but didn’t realise it had been as much as four months! That time has really flown by and I am glad I will have more time now to share more hubs with you all.

This morning I have added another hub to my series on crystal healing – Seven Healing Crystals to Ease Anxiety. As out modern lives become increasingly busy and filled with demands and worries, anxiety is becoming more and more common among people of all ages. If you are wishing to avoid or limit the use of conventional medicine crystals can be an excellent choice to help ease the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Crystal healing is safe for use by all agesand does not interact with other medications or therpaies. The hub contains information on some benefical crystals as well as general information on how to use and care for them. You can read the full article on HubPages here.

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Flickr Photograph Gallery

As I use a lot of other artists photographs from Flickr and Wikimedia Commons, I have decided to make the majority of my photograph gallery at Flickr available for others to use as well. The main exceptions to this will be photos of jewellery, food and a few others that are work or project related and so I need to retain the copyright too. I may remove those entirely, however I do find them useful – for example when adding recipes to Pinterest so I am undecided.

The photos are available to use under Creative Commons licencing and can be used commercially as well as privately. The only requirement is that credit is given to me as the original artist and this applies whether they are used online or offline, commercially or otherwise. The text need only be small and can be with the photograph or in in a ‘credits’ section of a document for example. It is only fair to credit the artist, especially when using their work with no charge. More information on Creative Commons licenses can be found here including how to share your own art using them.

The Elderberry Arts Flickr page can be found at The last batch of photos I uploaded was a selection of some of my crystals, some plants and flowers and some shots of my veggie garden. Hope you like them and if you like you can follow too 🙂

Creative Commons Photo Gallery

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Online Jewellery Making Course Update

I haven’t have much chance to post much lately as I have been really busy getting the online jewellery making course finished. It actually ended up being a lot more work and time consuming than I first anticipated, partly because I kept thinking of new things that I felt should be added and because I didn’t have a lot of quiet opportunities to record the audio. Felt like I had taken on too much for a first time creating teaching videos but once I got a system going it was okay, just took a while to get that. All the materials are complete now and will be online and available soon.

The jewellery making course covers designing and creating jewellery and includes several tutorials for completed pieces of jewellery. Within the course I have also included information on selling your jewellery designs and some factors and legal matter than needed to be considered.

I have been asked to create some videos for a skill sharing site and am hoping to do those as well, most likely in the next couple of weeks. Elderberry Arts does have a YouTube channel but I have not gotten around to adding anything to it yet. I’d really like to though. So many ideas and never enough hours in the day!


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Our Song for Lammas



Our family adaptation on the lyrics of hoof and horn, a song often associated with Lammas and harvest times. It is more suited to as we have a vegetable garden but do not keep livestock. There are also two vegetarians in the house 🙂 Share the picture if you wish but please don’t change it or remove the credits as it is unfair to the original artists 🙂

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Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday

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Guide to Crystal Wands

Guide to Crystal Wands. cystal wands. chakra. chakra healing. chakra balancing.




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Gluten Free Vegan on a Budget eBoook

My latest recipe book is now available to buy for Kindle. This book contains twenty one of my own gluten free vegan recipes. For each recipe I have avoided using expensive or difficult to obtain ingredients and have instead used foods that are easily available and naturally gluten free and vegan. A few of the recipes do include vegan cheese and gluten free pasta but these are now stock by many supermarkets and health food shops. The recipes also do not require any specialist equipment, although a food processor or blender of some kind is useful.

Most of the recipes serve two people but can easily be made for more by increasing the ingredients. From various groups and talking to others I have found it is common that only one person in a family or household will be vegan and/or gluten free, so it felt more practical to have recipes that could be made in smaller amounts with no adaptations.

Each recipe is accompanied by a full colour photograph of the dish and this book also contains a list of ideas for jacket potato fillings and seven delicious healthy smoothie recipes.

Gluten Free Vegan on a Budget can be downloaded here for Kindle readers or for use with apps for PCs and Android and Apple devices.

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Cheap Gluten Free Goodies at Approved Food *23/04/2016*

Approved Food is a large online retailer of short dated and residual food and drink stock. Some of the items are close to or past their best before dates. Unlike ‘use by’, a best before date is the manufacturers estimate of when the product will be at its best and doesn’t refer to when it will become unusable or unsafe to eat. The vast majority of items are perfectly safe and no different once the best before date has past.
The Approved Food website states it can save you up to 70% on your food shop. Adding on the bonus of convenient online shopping and delivery, it really is worth trying out. Most of their items are store cupboard and other packaged homes such as crisps, snacks, bread and cake mixes, sauces and drinks. There are also toiletries, household cleaners, pet items and some fresh fruit and veg. The site often has cheap gluten free foods and sometimes dairy free as well at greatly reduced prices. When I made an order yesterday this is what I found:

Granovita gluten free tomato ketchup 380g – 59p each or 2 for £1. RRP –
£1.60 each.

Orgran gluten free fruit filled biscuits. Raspberry flavour. 175g – 99p each. RRP – £2.20 each.

Iiumi gluten free chicken gravy 300g – 89p each or 2 for £1.50. RRP – £1.75 each.

Orgran gluten free all purpose pastry mix 375g – 99p each or 2 for £1.50. RRP – £2.75 each.

Gullon gluten free cookies 200g – £1.49. RRP – £1.99.

Dietary specials gluten free multi purpose mix 1KG. £1.49. RRP – £4.99.

Savvy gluten free sweet sesame date  spread 200g. 99p. RRP – £3.95.

Savvy gluten free sweet sesame, carob and honey spread 200g. 99p. RRP – £3.95.

Orgran outback animals chocolate cookies 175g. 99p. RRP – £3.39.

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Jewellery Making Tutorials Update *April 2016*

Jewellery making tutorials


I have been selling my jewellery making tutorials through the Jewelry Lessons website since 2010 and have met many lovely people there. Sadly the site will be closing in June 2016 and no further sales will be possible. After careful consideration I have decided to reopen my Etsy shop and will be adding all of my downloadable tutorials for sale there. So far I have added fourteen jewellery making tutorials. Most are macramé tutorials but there are also some others. The process is taking a bit of time as I have to edit the original files to remove some aspects related to Jewelry Lessons and in some cases change the layout to make best use of the remaining space. I am hoping to have them all moved over by June.

Each of my jewellery making tutorials features step by step instructions and high quality colour photographs that show you how to create a unique piece of jewellery. A few of the tutorials require you to have some prior knowledge but most are suitable for beginners as they explain everything you need to know. Over time I plan to edit my older macramé tutorials to include knotting instructions in the same way the newer ones have. My macramé jewellery making tutorials also include information on how to create a simple macramé board and explanations of some commonly used terms.


The new Elderberry Arts shop on Etsy is called ElderberryTutorials and all the tutorials will be available there. Facebook pages also have a great feature that allowed me to link the Etsy shop with the Elderberry Arts fan page. This means that if you head over to the page and click on the ‘My Etsy Shop’ tab ait will display all the listed jewellery making tutorials. Clicking on any item then sends you to the Etsy site to read the full details and purchase if you wish. I will also add the Etsy shop widget on the site here, which works in much the same way.

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